Saturday, March 07, 2009

A Closer Shave from the New Gilette

Gillette-Venus-Embrace If there’s one area of beauty where technology can be seen at its finest, it’s that of the razor. Used to be that a razor was just a razor but not anymore. They have more blades than ever and now we’re getting in to those that have extra gadgets on it. Take the new Venus Embrace ($9.99-$11.99/ShowerPod, $13.49-$14.99/four-pack of cartidges @ from GILLETTE. It has 5 blades, count ‘em, 5 blades to remove hair. Soon we’ll be up to 10, right? And on either side of the blades is a Protective Ribbon of Moisture, they call it, and have this phrase trademarked, that protects against nicks and cuts.


So if you have a shaky hand when it comes to hair removal, this would be a good one to try.





I like all of the Venus products. The moisture ribbons are great, however I do hate the cost of the blades these days.

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