Sunday, March 15, 2009

Crest Puts Out the Next Wave of Teeth Whiteners

Crest-Whitestrips--Advanced-Seal I got my hands on CREST’s new Whitestrips Advanced Seal ($44.99/14 pouches with upper and lower strip inside @ just in time. My teeth were in dire need of a pick-me-up and can you believe that we’ve never tried Whitestrips?? Heard all the hype but just kinda didn’t fully digest it. And just like I have read about Whitestrips in general, we agree that they are some of the best teeth whiteners for the money. Each top and lower strip of the Advanced Seal adheres to your teeth so you can just stick them on and go about your business. They even say that it’s okay to drink (no booze!) with them in your mouth. They also say these are a clean removal. Well they do come off with a little bit of prying with your nails so I would recommend you brush after using these as they do leave some residue behind, which is fine. You should see results after using this 3 times for 30 minutes a day but I swear I saw results after just one use. Maybe I was dreaming but I know I’m not now as my teeth are noticably white.






I definitely need to pick up some of these. While my teeth are pretty white (not drinking coffee helps), as you say, they can always use a little pick me up :) I hated the other versions of these strips. They never wanted to stay on and tasted bad. ick!


Hi Phyrra! They are great but don't use them too many days in a row. I should have put this in the feature but hopefully people will scroll down and see this. The gums between my two front teeth felt a little sensitive on day 8 so maybe I should use them that many days in a row.
still waiting for you to get on twitter!!!


Wow! I've totally wondering about those! I'm definitely going to try them now! I just hated how the other ones slid all around.

Barbara Fabre

These look pretty cool. I wondered about the sensitivity factor so thanks for alerting us to that. I would maybe use them every other day or something. Anyway, they seem like a vast improvement over the original Whitestrips (like the others said, they slid around, tasty icky, and I couldn't even talk coherently with them in m mouth!)

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