Sunday, February 01, 2009

Superbowl, Smooperbowl, I Hit A Beauty Show!

Once a year I hit the mother of all beauty trade shows, the International Spa & Salon Expo (ISSE) here in Long Beach, CA. I think this is my 5th year going? It showcases the latest products in the categories of hair, nails and some skin. The publicity firm that clears my press pass to cover the show, Y Public Relations, sends out an Exhibitor HOT LIST so with that in hand, I hit the floor today in search of these and other hot products. Here are some I think you will probably be hearing more about soon.



Blinc Inc’s new Resurf.A.Stic (same people that make my Holy Grail mascara, Kiss Me Mascara) are taking a dip into the skin care arena. This one is the first one-step microdemabrasion, hydration and treatment stick on the market.


I predict that these Footsie Baths will become the norm in nail salons. They are disposable tub liner you put water in so everything is sanitary. I’m not sure exactly what these are made of (felt like regular thin plastic) but hopefully they can be made by recycled materials as I can't imagine throwing one of those things out after every pedicure. very wasteful.


Another new product debuting at the show was Curl Gel-les’c by CURLS. It an organic “styler” that isn’t a gel and isn’t a serum, but helps create enviable curls, and banishes frizz.


On the hair front, Brazilian Heat from Mega Hot just came out and this is one collection to pay attention to! From what I saw with the Brazilian Heat Dryer, it has a lot of firsts like a variable air speed dial. I’ll report back to you on this one after I have a chance to try it out a few times.


I heard about this line “It’s a ‘10’” before and got a brief education and some samples of their new Miracle Hair Mask to take with me. Will letcha know if it’s worth it.  


I don't know much about this SKIN1 by Dr. Gram line ... yet but from what I've heard, it's the latest skin care line combining science and nature so I'm curious.


Even though we focus on products, I couldn’t help taking pictures of the cool hair styles at the T3 booth with the Orlando Pita created styles.

There were a few of the products on the YPR list that I couldn't even find! Like one on the list that was Pro Iron by Create Ion hair straigtener and then the Micro-Bamboo Towel Set by Hollywood Face. Couldn't find either booth because it was so crowded and row/booth numbers were a little confusing. Yes, I could have pulled out the show map, but then I would have had to put down all my bags and well, make an effort! All-in-all, it was a great show.



Decorative Diva

I have that resurface stick and I love it!

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