Monday, February 09, 2009

Shiseido Smoooths It Out

After mascara, my other favorite category to try out is foundations. Powder, cream, liquid, gimme them all! SHISEIDO The Makeup Perfect Smoothing Compact Foundation SPF 15 ($30/powder $9/compact @ is not a super hard one to get and what it gives is aShiseido-Compact-Foundation smooth flawless finish. This powder, of course, contains the latest technology for making your skin look natural and not cakey. And it seems to work best if I apply face moisturizer and then wait a while for it to fully sink in before applying. This one is getting great reviews and I’m giving it thumbs up too. Available in 10 shades.



i have a hard time finding foundation that i like, but shiseido has always been a staple for me. i've been using the powdery foundation and liquid foundation for as long as i can remember. this one looks pretty good as well!

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