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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Juice Beauty Makes Earth Day Everyday

What’s great about the world we live in today are the options we have when it comes to things like beauty. For many years, there were only a few selections to make when it came to shampoos or mascaras but not anymore. And that is certainly the case when it comes to the cateogry of products that use natural or organic ingredients. There are almost too many to choose from, in my opinion. So that’s whyJuice-Beauty-Organic-Facial-Wash-&-Concentrate we’re glad we do what we do and help you get through it all to see what’s worth it and what’s not. JUICE BEAUTY has been “doing” organic for many years and all of their products use up to 95% certified organic ingredients. Here are two new ones we are digging at the moment:


Organic Facial Wash ($22/4oz) – contains organic grapes and apple juices, sunflower oil, essential fatty acids, honey and helichrysum (for its anti-bacterial and anti-acne properties) and carrot seed. It has a strong, but delightful, herb smell. If you are sensitive to some ingredients, do a spot test before using this one. Remember, natural or organic products can be a little more harsh than what you are used to.


Organic Facial Moisture Concentrate ($36/1oz) -  concentrating the ingredients of organic cranberry, grapeseed, sunflower and jojoba oils give skin a boost of these ingredients’ benefits. Both @


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Benefit Knows What Makes A Good Liner

Benefit-BADgal-liner I’m really loving the BENEFIT line right now. I’ve always been hit or miss with the line and the past two products have both been hits! One I am telling anyone who will listen about is their BADgal Extra Black Waterproof Eye Pencil ($20 @ You know the part inside your bottom lid that you can run color along and it’s gone within 2 minutes? Since this one is waterproof, it stays put! And on the other side of the pencil is a smudger to if you choose to do your whole eye with the liner, it won’t creep down your face during that sad, sad movie.



Friday, February 20, 2009

Welcome to the Jungle ...

Paul-Mitchell-Super-Skinny-Serum-2 Trophy Have you ever used a product when the more you use it, the more you like it? This is the case with PAUL MITCHELL’s Super Skinny Serum. We featured this on the site back in Dec 07 and declared our love for it then but I’m taking it one step further and putting it in our Hall of Fame. Since I get to test out so many products, I have to say this is the best hair straightener/stylers/defrizzers I have ever used. Better than the, dare I say it, the Living Proof products we recently featured on the site that are made just for frizzies. So give a warm and hardy round of applause … Welcome to the Hall of Fame Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum! Pick yours up for $19.99 @


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Essie Moves It Out Quickly

I really didn’t know what to expect from the new Naturally Clean nail care line from ESSIE, specifically the nail polish remover. With the green colors on the packaging, could they have created a product using green ingredients? And still be a good nail polish remover?Essie-Clean-Purifying-Nail-Polish-Remover Well I can report back to you that this Purifying Nail Polish Remover is really frikkin’ good! The 6 products in the collection use the power of botanicals, glycerin and emolients to clean, sanitize and yup, even remove nail polish. I’m pretty amazed! Not only does this remover take away your old polish but it does it quicker and easier than any polish remover I have ever used. It also contains eucalyptus oil and antioxidants so it’s doesn’t seem as harsh on nails as other removers. I have some of the other products from the collection on hand (no pun intended) so I’ll keep you posted on those. For now, this one is the star. $6/4oz, $17/16oz @


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Budget Beauty, Part 1

Even in these tough economic times, I just can’t “get by” with any ol’ conditioner so I have made it my mission to find ones that detangle well and won’t cost you a pretty, or rather, an unpretty penny. And this got me thinking, if I can’t afford to use my beloved Terax everyday, I still need one that gets the job done, right? So we’re starting a new on-going feature called Budget Beauty (original title, huh?!) where we’ll feature products that have worked for us and are affordable.


Organix-Teatree-Mint-Conditioner ORGANIX Teatree Mint Conditioner ($6.99/13oz @ is one that totally caught me by surprise as I seem to be more skeptical of anything that has ORGANIC or ALL NATURAL on it as most just don’t seem to work. But this ones puts some faith back in me. It contains jojoba oils, Panthenol, peppermint oils, Australian Tea Tree oils, Shea Butter and vitamin E, to name a few. And the most important trait? It detangles and conditions beautifully!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Zoya's Cookin' Up Warm Colors For Spring

Ok, we’re getting closer to springtime so let’s look at some collections we have coming up for nails. ZOYA’s new 'Twist' 2009 Spring Collection of Nail Polishes ($36/collection @ is kinda all over the pastel map and I’m liking it! I’m not one for pastels on my face, but nails, that’s a different story. $10 each @




clockwise from L to R:


Barbie – shimmering soft pink, Jo- shimmering silver blue metallic, Malia – violet cream, Cassi – shimmering soft peach, Harley – soft shimmery grey, Moxie – vibrant red plum cream.



Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Shampoo With An Extra Surprise

Color-Edge-Pearl-Shampoo This COLOR EDGE Pearl Shampoo ($7/2oz, $15/12oz @ has quite a few great things going for it – it’s made especially for color-treated tresses, it clarifies as it cleans, and it’s infused with calming chamomile and nourishing aloe vera. Now we can’t see these ingredients inside so we have to take their word for it. What you do see when looking at this one is tiny bluish colored, what they call, pearls, that are filled with jojoba oil that rupture as you work the shampoo into the hair. And the smell of any hair product is very important and this one’s got you covered in that department too - pineapple, citrus and cilantro. This one is good company in the tub.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tip Top Tootsies With CND

CND-Raw-Earth-Buff-and-Cucumber-Heel-Therapy There’s nothing more unsightly then sitting and drinking your morning coffee at a café and notice the person next to you’s dry cracked feet tucked into a pair of ratty flip flops. We won’t even begin to comment on the choice of shoes (a trashcan would be a good place to put them) but there is no excuse for shoddy looking feet. Not all scrubs can be used on the feet since most have oils and can make surfaces slippery so I only use ones made especially for the feet.

CND Raw Earth Foot Buff ($15.95/5oz) from the Spa Pedicure line is one of those and I am really loving it these days! It’s one of those warming scrubs with a sugar base. It also contains citric acid, so the two combined really exfoliates and clean up feet.



Top off your new found feet with their Cucumber Heel Therapy Natural Nail Care Marine Spa Pedicure ($19.95/4oz). It contains skin soothing botanicals that helps soothe and seal in your new layer of skin’s moisture. Both @


Monday, February 09, 2009

Shiseido Smoooths It Out

After mascara, my other favorite category to try out is foundations. Powder, cream, liquid, gimme them all! SHISEIDO The Makeup Perfect Smoothing Compact Foundation SPF 15 ($30/powder $9/compact @ is not a super hard one to get and what it gives is aShiseido-Compact-Foundation smooth flawless finish. This powder, of course, contains the latest technology for making your skin look natural and not cakey. And it seems to work best if I apply face moisturizer and then wait a while for it to fully sink in before applying. This one is getting great reviews and I’m giving it thumbs up too. Available in 10 shades.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Cover FX Gives Us A Multi-Use Brush



It’s not often, actually, I don’t think ever, that I”ve been blown away by a makeup brush but I am by this one from COVER FX. I don’t think it is even best for what it is made for! Their Cream Foundation Brush ($38 @ is 7” of usefulness but I'm really like using it for applying blush and I’ve even used it a few times for mineral foundation. It’s made of natural goat hair so it’s perfect for powders.


Now correct me if I am wrong but what I always thought is that cream cosmetic products should only be applied with synthetic bristles and real hair should be applied with natural bristles. Hmmm, I’m confused but what I’m not confused about is how much I love this brush!


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