Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Latest In MAC

The MAC collections are coming at us fast and furious with the new Hello Kitty items just coming out. We have not gotten our hands on them just yet but here’s some picks from what we have tried and I took the pics myself. Hope they look ok! 


Hit the slopes looking fresh with any of these from the Chill Collection. Picks are Glitter ($17.50) in Reflects Transparent Teal, Eye Shadow ($14.50) in Mont Black and Apres-ski, and Tinted Lip Glass in Frozen Dream.


Who doesn’t want makeup that matches their hair color beautifully? Here’s our picks from the Brunette Blonde Redhead collection: Eye Shadow ($14.50) in Pincurl (a dusty white frost best for blondes) and Flip (a bronze gold frost for redheads). Lipstick ($14) in B-Babe (pink frost perfect for blondes) and Tinted Lipglass ($14) in Soft Wave (a beautiful tan bronze for brunettes).


Take one look at Dame Edna Everage and what do you see? Well I see color and more color! And to celebrate all this Aussie is, they are putting out a limited edition collection, the Dame Edna collection. Here are our picks:


Nail Lacquer ($11) in Asiatique and Lipstick ($14) in Coral Polyp. Don’t these two just scream Dame Edna?



All available @



Stephanie C

So many MAC collections, so little $$!


I bought the Brow Set in Girl Boy and it has become a HG! I'm a redhead with eyebrows that fade to an almost invisible blonde, and Brow Set gives me a natural way to both tame those unruly hairs I inherited from my dad and give some sorely-needed definition to my face. The color is *perfect* with my hair and skin. I think this is a LE color and I'm going to have to stock up!

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