Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Russian Sign Language With Chanel

Chanel-Moscow-Collection These three CHANEL Nail Colours ($30 @ were created especially for a Moscow Fashion Show. Each of these was created with a black base and then a different color of sparkle was added to each: Or de Russie (gold), Nuit de Russie (blue), Feu de Russie (red). While $30 may be, or rather, is a steep price for a nail polish, know that this one stays on longer than most lacquers. The glitter inside acts as a toughening agent assuring your manicure will last longer than usual.




I agree that they are beautiful and I agree the price is steep- almost outrageously so considering the state of the economy. I know lots of people will be picking these up but I won't be one of them.


I absolutely love everything about this collection. Not only are these colors right up my alley, but I am Russian so the names hold a special place in my heart.

Thanks for posting about these!


These colors look amazing (would love to find some swatches) and it's good to know they last a long time. They're a bit too steep for my pocketbook though!

Stephanie C

I would love to see swatches of these - especially that blue!
I wish the nail polish fairy would pay my wallet a visit!


Ok so I am going to have to try it even though the price is steep. I stopped wearing dark polish just because I dont have time in my schedule to do my nails that often and with light colors it is harder to see when they start to ship. Lazy mommy!

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