Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Luxe Face Creams

Let’s get serious about facial moisturizers. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Do I look older than I should?” What you need are some miracle creams. I mean, they are and will always be, a serious business and we’re in the depth of when skin needs a good one most. Here’s two that have us shaking in our boots with excitement.


3Lab-and-Adorage3LAB “M” Cream ($250/2oz @ – contains stem cells from a rare Swiss apple to slow down the aging process of stressed out skin. It also contains the world’s first bioengineered growth hormone-like product, that works as “a hormone replacement therapy,” that substitutes what is loss in the skin as we age. Makes sense.





ADORAGE Retinol Cream ($150/1oz @  - this one combines retinols and glycolic acid to put collagen production into overdrive. This one also works on lightening brown spots, preventing acne and contains nourishing antioxidants to balance the skin.



Beauty Tyrant

Wow, these creams certainly sound like they will work for sure. Retinol is known to work on wrinkles and it's a great ingredient in the Adorage cream. 3Lab's cream has stem cells in it, wow, something totally new to me. would love to try them out but the price tag is really quite a bummer!


Hi - they do have a heafty price tag but you pay for the ingredients and technology inside them. Maybe ask for them for your Birthday!! haha.

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