Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kenzo Gives Us THE Winter Fragrance

Kenzo-Amour There’s nothing like a rich fragrance for this time of year. There’s something about that fits the cold weather and really makes it stand out. Like a wool pair of socks, KENZOAmour le Parfum ($68/1oz, $88/1.7oz @ will come out in late October and be packed away with the winter clothes in about late February. It was inspired by all things far east - the packaging and the ingredients. To say this is a woody oriental would be an understatement. Just look at these thick lush notes – top: rice, frangipani middle: amber and patchouli and base: vanilla and benzoin (a balm only found in a tree location in Southeast Asia). And I would really only recommend this for evenings; it’s that bold. And the sleek bottle? The shape is inspired by the temples of Southeast Asia and the rich matte gold color by the offerings made to the deities. This makes a beautiful looking scupture on top of your dressing table. For serious fragrance lovers only!




Decorative Diva

This stuff really does smell wonderful.


OK, that's two votes (Deco Diva and me). Who else is in??


I haven't smelled it but the bottle is gorgeous.


It looks really nice, but I don't think I can afford that right now.
I think for people who haven't smelled this scent before, maybe you could describe it in terms of other perfumes ("A watered down version of ..." or "Smells like [this perfume] with..."
Just a thought...


That bottle is georgeous and very unique. The fragrance sounds like something that I would like. I think this would be a great Valentine's Day present.

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