Monday, January 05, 2009

Aveda Enhances Your Color

Aveda-Clove-Shampoo I always use a shampoo made for color treated hair but how about one made to not only support but enhance your hair color? AVEDA Vintage Clove Shampoo ($10/8oz @ is made for those with brunette and honey blonde tones. The formula is infused with organically grown clove and coffee, which I’m assuming since they are both brown, are perfect for these tones!

And did you know this was the first product ever created for the Aveda line 30 years ago? Quality never goes outta style.




I stopped by my (local) Aveda store to look at this shampoo. I have a desire to prolong the color of hair, since it fades so reliably in the 6-8 weeks between visits to the salon. I adored the scent. Problem: At this store the only size they had for the shampoo was the 32oz size. I have no problem buying that "ultimately," but I need to try it in a smaller size. They kept (and I asked 3 times) saying, "no, it only comes in this size," when I asked. Yet your photo of product distinctly shows a 8oz product. So frustrating!!

Thanks for letting me vent... Juls


Hi Juls - you can buy the shampoo in the 8oz size from their site - click through above on and you can get it. You should be using any color supporting shampoo and conditioner, which can be found at any drug store. Thanks for reading!

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