Thursday, December 11, 2008

Turn To Hourglass Cosmetics For Mineral Makeup

Hourglass-Cosmetics-Oxygen-Foundation I’m always hot to trot in trying out a new face powder, especially if it’s of the mineral kind. HOURGLASS COSMETICS Oxygen Foundation Powder ($46 @ is my latest find and it’s fine, fine, fine. The powder, the coverage, and the compact it comes in has a mirror that moves in all directions, not just open and close. How does this one differ from your other mineral foundation powders? In addition to vitamin E, it contains a unique oxygen delivering ingredient. This one is also free of talc and oils.




organic foundation

This looks like a great product. A little on the expensive side but it might be worth it. =) I like how the mirror turns in all directions making it easier to apply make up. I used to always have to prop up my compact or completely remove the mirror to actually be able to use it.

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wow! i agree to this its a great product i am so interested with this i love beauty products.


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