Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gift Pick - Smashbox Gives for the Holidays

Present Smashbox-Primer-Set If you are an avid reader, chances are you are real serious when it comes to beauty and you hang around and trade secrets with at least one person who is just as obsessed at you. If they are on your gift list this year, you have to be careful about what you bestow upon them because like it or not, you will be judged!


No simple palette or flimsy brush will do. Only those serious about their makeup seem to know about using a face primer and here’s one you will get high marks from the receiver. SMASHBOX Rapture Flawless Finish Primer Set ($39 @ has won numerous awards from the magazine so I guess the question is, how could you not give this one?





I just discovered the wonders of prime (better late than never right?) and you are so right, primer would make a great gift. Maybe even more so to girls who don't know much about make up. Open thier eyes and all that =D

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