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Bobbi Brown Contest!

Let’s do our part with the biggest shopping day of the year except you won’t be losing, you will be gaining. What the dealio? See below and be sure to enter!


Bobbi-Brown-Makeup-Manual What: BOBBI BROWN Makeup Manual: For Everyone from Beginner to Pro in hardcover ($32 @ Who else should you be taking makeup tips from besides Ms. Brown? No one! In her third book, she covers everything from skin care to makeup tips and easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Time to brush up on your technique and add some new ones while you're at it!



Who: We will randomly pick 7 winners


How to enter --- Post a meaningful comment on a Cybelesays post (something a little more than, "I love this color!" or "How cute!" I think you get the picture). Then, email your full name and address to Cybelesays. And feel free to comment on more than one post. We love that!
Don't forget to let us know how you found if you are a new reader.


Wanna get more than one entry? If you have a blog, post about the contest and then email the link. You'll receive an extra entry for writing about the contest on your site. You must also comment on a post and email your full contact info.




** Entries must be received by 6pm PST, December 10, 2008 * Entries are two part - a comment on a post and an email, which includes your full name and mailing address * Both must be completed or you will not be entered into this randomly picked drawing * Those who have won a Cybelesays contest in the last 3 contests will not be eligible to win * Only residents of the US and Canada are eligible to win* One entry per household and email address unless the contest is blogged about **


Decorative Diva

I actually really want this book because it's supposed to be useful to people of all skill levels with makeup.

Decorative Diva

I actually really want this book because it's supposed to be useful to people of all skill levels with makeup.

Crystal - Beauty or Bust

I adore Bobbi Brown. My first beauty book was Beauty by Bobbi Brown, and I just loved her approach to makeup. She really cares about making people see the people they have within. LOVE her! I'll be telling my readers about this contest for sure. Thanks Cybele!


Oo i would love to learn more make up tricks!! you can never learn too much!!


OO i love bobbi brown's makeup!! she is an awesome makeup artist!! please sign me up for this!!


This is exactly what I have been looking for. And if you say it's great, we - your readers - would definitely trust you. Hope I could have one.

Sherry B.

Bobbi Brown is the greatest of all makeup artists around today, in my opinion! Her "looks" are never over-the-top and I love the way she includes women of all ages in her work. She has shown us how to bring out the best in our appearance even if we're not all model-perfect! Winning this book would be the next-best-thing to having her come to my house to give me a makeover. Kudos to Ms. Brown and to you for offering this great prize!


Imona lay it on the lie, along with a slice of pride, and admit I need Bobbi Brown's advice- and I'm in my 50s! I went the majority of my life not really wearing makeup. Y'know, only some mascara and lipstick maybe? But I realize why! I need the beautiful trickery now, AND omg! it's fun. Imagine what this elder hippie has discovered- I enjoy being a girl! =) Thank you for the opportunity to do it right. ~Juls


Seeing that Ms Brown is a well respected make up artist I'm betting this to be quite the informative book. Would love to gift my daughter with it...after reading it myself!


Bobbi Brown is an industry legend. Her techniques and color palettes are the cornerstone of the cosmetic world. I'm guilty of falling into a rut when it comes to my own makeup, and would love to have a copy of Bobbi Brown's Makeup Manual.


I'm really curious to read this! My mom got me a copy of Bobbi Brown's Teenage Beauty when I was about thirteen, and I just adored it! My copy unfortunately disappeared after moving when I was 14, but now I think I'd rather have the "grown up" version, hah. Bobbi Brown's makeup is so beautiful; the Starry Night Palette has surely made my wish list.

In any case, thanks for the chance to win!

Veronica L.

I would love to have this book to help teach me about applying my make-up better...I need all the help that i can get! Thanks for a great giveaway :)


There is something about this book that is driving me crazy with desire to own it...


I've never read/seen a makeup book before because I've always looked at stuff online. It'd be awesome to win one and from Bobbi Brown, no less.


I have read Bobbi Brown's book for teenagers, and since then I admire not only her skills but her beautiful personality. The way she sees beauty is beyond making women look beautiful she want to make women have confidence, and appreciate their own natural beauty. The does not only teaches new tricks, but lets you bring your own personality to it. I would love to have this book :)


Bobbi Brown has always been one of my favorite lines.
The palette collections are my favorite--they are so easy to use, & I love how they are updated every season.


I love Bobbi Brown's clean, almost nude makeup look. It brings out the best in anyone while retaining their individuality. I would love to learn how to achieve that!


Bobbi Brown is an amazing makeup artist and this is her best book yet! There is so much awesome information, quick tips and gorgeous photos. Her simple, beautiful approach works for everyone and am so thankful that we have her range of foundations, concealers and colors. Also, there is a super cool, bright pigments palette coming out too... BOBBI, I CANNOT WAIT!!! :)


My library got this book the day it came out--and I was the first one to grab it. It is amazing :) I'm relatively new to makeup, and I've been a little nervous to try brighter colors. I've stuck with neutrals because the couple of times I've been to a makeup counter and had them use colors, I've come out looking like...not so good. lol, once went to Dior counter, she used purple on my eyes, and it was NOT a shade that flattered my skin tone--I looked like someone had punched me in the face. Anyways, the point is, after reading this amazing book and her suggestions for women of color, I feel like I could possibly pick colors that would actually look good on me. I also love that she includes a skincare chapter! Would LOVE to win a copy of my own. :)


I just love Bobbie Brown. I don't have much makeup but maybe this will push me to buy more makeup in the future because this book will help me how to use them. :)


I'm crossing my fingers for this book. I am on the waitlist for this title at my library. I hope to be able to read a copy soon. Thank you for the contest!

Renee C

My daughter is in the 5th grade and commenting on how "everybody" in the 5th grade wears make-up. And all I am thinking is who is going to help her learn how to do this when everyone actually is. My mother "helped" me with make-up but my mother was/is a blue eyeshadow person and she and I have completely different skin tones and eye colors. This is the same for my daughter and myself. I am pale with freckles and green eyes and she is olive skinned with brown eyes. I am savvy enough to know that there is a difference but even last year when she was in acting and HAD to wear make-up for their dress rehearsal and performance the make-up lady told her that the make-up I had spent what felt like hours picking out was "all wrong" for her. This book, while not needed IMMEDIATELY (fingers crossed, I hope) would be a Godsend soon in my quest to continue to keep my daughter not traumatized and happy.

Carolyn D

I think makeup is an important thing. I do not like to leave the house without just a little something. Who wants to look like they just rolled out of bed? It looks lazy to not even put on a bit of eyeliner before going about your day. Our mothers never would have gone about so deshabille.

Amanda Caruthers

I would love to have this book. I don't wear makeup unless I am going somewhere and I would love some tips and tricks to dress up my look.


Would love to have the new Bobbi Brown book.
I've just started using some of her makeup.
I bought her mauve pallet and shimmering nudes eye shadows. Just lovely makeup. Just have to try her eyeliner. Reading a book on makeup is always so helpful.


I would love to win this book because I am in my thirties and still do not know how to wear makeup.

Nicole Price

I would love to win this book. I think I would pick up a lot of great tips from it :) Thanks for the giveaway!

tina hartley

I need to learn more

Timothy Sternberg

My sister would love to win this book because she is in her thirties and still does not know how to wear makeup.

Brenda S.

I would love to have this book. Thanks!


I would love this I just admire Bobbie Brown
she is so talented I love her makeup line
and would love to read this book .Thanks for the chance

kerri r

I just admire Bobbie Brown she is so talented I love her makeup line and would love to read her book

kathy pease


Shelley Stratton

This is a very cool site!

Paula W.

I have been a lurker here for quite some time. I love the rec's I get from here. Which is exactly what I am looking for in a beauty book - one that would be recommended highly. This Bobbi Brown book is getting all the raves and I know that I would learn so much that I wouldn't even begin to know that I *should* know.
Thanks so much for hosting this great giveaway. *fingers crossed*

Timothy Sternberg

This Bobbi Brown book is getting all the raves and my wife knows that she would learn so much that she wouldn't even begin to know that she *should* know.

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