Monday, November 17, 2008

Bliss Kicks It With A Unique Scent

Bliss-Bath-+-Shower-Gel Think of the scents orange and white pepper. Doesn’t seem very pleasant and that you’d just be sneezing a lot but they seemed to balance the ingredients outs perfectly to come up with a winning combo. BLISS Blood Orange + White Pepper scents is rocked in a Body Butter ($35/8.5oz), Bath + Shower Gel ($24/8.5oz), and Sugar Scrub ($36/11oz) so you have a nice choice. Still need it broken down? Think of blood orange mixted with top notes of coriander and white musk. So you're first greeted with the top notes and left with a familiar orange citrus. Totally comforting. And this scent won their own ‘eau’ lection in 2008. 40,000+ votes can’t be wrong! All @




Decorative Diva

I like the blood orange but the pepper sort of scent tickles my nose and feels odd.


Hi Deco - Yes, I would have thought that too but it actually did not tickle the nose at all as the orange is really strong.

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