Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Davines Cares About Your Hair Color

I'm all about keeping my hair color fresh so I only use products, even down to the styling ones, that will enhance it, not kill it. New from DAVINES is their Alchemic Line that will help you do just that. But how do these differ from other hair products made for those who dye their hair? Each of the six colors is made for your specific tone -- Alchemic Shampoos ($23/8.45oz) and Alchemic Conditioners ($20/8.45oz) for Natural and Color Treated Hair.

  • Red (for red/mahogany hair)
  • Golden (for golden/honey blonde hair)
  • Copper (for coppery brown hair)
  • Silver (for white hair with predisposition to turning yellow when damaged)
  • Chocolate (for dark brown/black hair)
  • Tobacco (for mid/light brown hair)
Davines_2Their scientists distilled pure pigments and added them to other nourishing ingredients. The shampoos contains milk proteins, vitamins A and B, panthenol and UV filter to protect the color when out in the sun. And the conditioners? Vitamin E, milk proteins and both come in glass jars. Nice attention to detail, Davines! And this even comes in a travel kit with a jar with shampoo, another with conditioner and then two empty ones for the product of your choice. And it's at a nice price for $20. All @ davines.com.



Rebecca Ludlam

Oh Cybele, this product is great. I use the conditioner and shampoo almost everyday. It helps keep the color andand it just makes my hair feel like silk. If I use it everyday it can make my hair too flat but it compleatly takes away the frizz. Only comment is I wish the shampoo sudzed up more, but I just love it!


Hi Rebecca - I'm so glad you are familiar with these. I saw the brand at Longs Drugs the other day and couldn't believe it!


Very cool! I recently bought a shower filter and it has improved my skin and hair incredibly, my little beauty secret ;)


Hi Jen, that is a good idea with the shower filter! I have one on my main shower and I've been using it for so long I forget it's on there. Thanks for reading.

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