Friday, October 10, 2008

Spilled Perfume Got You Down? Here's Your Answer

I can't count how many times a fragrance has spilled inside my bag while traveling and now we have some ones that won't be making any messes anywhere anytime soon. PACIFICA came out with a collection of SolidPacificasolidperfumes Perfumes ($8.95/.3oz @ and we are smitten! These ain't no girly scents either. Choose from the combo of juniper, grapefruit and heliotrope that makes up the Avalon Juniper scent to the bitter almond, cinnamon and vanilla that is the Mexican Cocoa or my favorite of the week, a mix of rosy geranium, sandalwood and bergamot and elemi that they call Spanish Amber. Each scent really stands on its own and seems to last quite a while on the skin. Part of the reason is the base is a combination of organic and vegan soy and coconut based waxes. Now that's staying power.


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