Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What Shades Make Up Essie's Fall Color Collection?

Essiefall2008_2I’m so feeling fall these days and not just because the calendar says so. It's just in the air and what better way to get in the mood for then to unpack all your sweaters and blankets and to paint your nails a cool fall shade? These violet, ruby and merlot jewel tones from ESSIE's new Fall 2008 Nail Color collection perfectly complement any fall look you come up with.


Forever Young – Fiery tango red


Lacy Not Racy – Velvety vintage burgundy


Big Spender – Divinely lush red-violet


No Boundaries – Juicy passionate plum


Swept Off My Feet – Dusky rose seduction


Tomboy No More – Red currant truffle

$9 @ ulta.com




about time some new jewel tones come out- for those of you who don't know about essie, if you only paint the toes- the color lasts a long time and takes alot to cheap- I love it


Hi Sandy - Yes, it seems that shades have been all over the map but I am so feeling these colors right now. Essie really hit it on the head with this collection. I'm wearing Lacy Not Racy on my fingers right now. Love it!


I'm glad that Essie finally put out some fall colors that actually are fall-like. I thought that she would just have another boring collection of sheer pinks!I have Lacy Not Racy and its the perfect nail color for fall.


I love a good,dark, vampy nail for fall/winter. I am glad to see such a beautiful collection of jeweled tones. They are a bit different than my usual shades. I am so feeling No Boundaries!

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