Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Addition To the Hall of Fame!

Trophy2 I have a confession and it’s hard to admit this amongst us beauty product lovers but here goes. MAC makes my head spin. There I said. I can’t keep up with the collections. Every time I turn around they are putting out yet another collection. With other brands, they seem to only put out a new collection each season, and that’s almost hard enough given all the lines out there. How does MAC do it?


With that said, I hope you can see how I missed their Pro Longwear Lipcolors when they came out a while ago. I totally thought their sister product, Pro Longwear Lip Colour, were a brand new concept to the line. Duh! Not! Anyway, I loved the shades in the Lustre Twins’ collection that just came out and they have pretty much ruined me for any other lip colors or lipsticks these days. I compare everything else to their staying power! They stay on for many hours and don’t flake off or budge. I think the secret is to let the color fully dry on the lips before applying the gloss. So please help me welcome a product that really deserves this honor, MAC Pro Longwear Lustre Lipcolor, welcome to the Hall of Fame!



Decorative Diva

Their Pro Longwear colors are all awesome. I completely agree that they're Hall of Fame worthy.

However, I still love their lipglasses, too :)
I think the majority of my lippies are lipglasses from MAC.


Hi Deco Diva - I am tempted to buy these in every color but am trying to refrain!

Huguette E.

I love MAC, they always have the best! I totally agree with the hall of fame colors :)


I've always wanted to try this but my lips are so dry, it'd probably make them dryer and look gross.


Hi Quynh - stop into one of the MAC stores or stations in the department store and try one on to see how it works for you. They are realloy worth it!


Ooo la la!! I definitely can't wait to try. I wish there was a MAC closer to home, but these just might be worth the trip! I've always had a problem with colors fading, so these sound like they're worth trying!! I can guarantee you'll be seeing this on me ASAP!! YAY!!!

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