Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Benefit Cosmetics Gives Instant Brows

BenefitinstanteyebrowpenI’m pretty brow obsessed. It all started last century when I moved from Boston to Los Angeles a decade ago. I’d had never even thought of waxing or tweezing or really doing anything to my eyebrow area. Somehow, my outlook changed when I landed in LA. I suddenly became interested in cleaning them up and have been waxing them ever since. I also tried threading recently but I don’t think I’ll be continuing that. A co-worker worded me up that they were completely uneven and one was thinner than the other … oh they’re a mess right now. So while I try and figure out how my “wax or tweeze” future looks, I at least have one thing down when it comes to that area and that’s product for them! As I mentioned before more than a few times, I always go too dark when it comes to using the right color pencil or powder. This new BENEFIT COSMETICS Instant Eyebrow Pencil in Light to Medium ($20 @ nordstrom.com) has color on one end and a spoolie on the other to work it in and it’s for sure not too dark for my medium brunette hair color. It’s actually a little lighter than my hair, which is good since that makes it goof-proof.



OMG! This product is perfect. Can I tell you a story? I, too, recently discovered the wonder of my eyebrows- first, when my hair stylist tentatively asked if I (this was after I'd found lip/chin waxing- hey, I'm a late bloomer!) knew she could wax my brows. I had it done that day; that one time. She did such a gorgeous job. I had no idea I had these brows. I've since lost that stylist, but I've carefully maintained the browline she sculpted for me. That was maybe six years ago as I entered my 50s. LATE Bloomer- I've decided the reason I've spent a lifetime sans makeup hasn't been hippie related at all. It's all about praticality. It's all about diversion, and well to be honest (late bloomer, again) I've tapped my inner girly. I HAD NO IDEA! Back to my brows... My BFF, who's years younger but who's counting, and I try to get up to Vancouver BC early each year for a long week weekend. Usually I follow her around shopping, give opinions and such, not too i to that part of the trip. This year though, something happened when I walked through MAC's doors! Of all at my feet in that mecca, I wanted my brows done! I bought the pencil and brush; brush still reigns for the brows. But I so need a new pencil in the perfect shade. Gonna try yours, Cybele!


Hi Julie - you are too funny. It's really interesting that you too can pinpoint a time when you specifically started thinking about your brows!
Finding the perfect brow shade, as you read, can sometimes be tough. Go for one that is lighter rather than darker than your normal hair color.
And you were mugged by MAC. Congrats!!! haha.
Thanks for reading.

Crystal - Beauty or Bust

When I look back at old pictures and see my dreaded old pencil-thin brows...I cringe! Thankfully, I've learned the importance of a good brow. Nothing does more to frame your face and put the focus on the eyes. Great post!


This product reminds me of a similar one from a now-deceased home shopping line. I'm thrilled to be able to just pick one up at Sephora and will try this one soon. Even though my hair is dark, I think the light/med shade will work for me as it did for you, Cybele. If I match my brows to my hair, I look like Groucho Marx's long-lost granddaughter!


I don't have a horrible eyebrowshape (it could be better though) and my main problem is that my brows aren't really hairy enough. Too little hair means weird looking gaps. This eyebrow product looks super promising. I'm going to give it a test run =D

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