Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Product As Art

This piece has actually been a while in the making. I have been compiling products that are too pretty to touch as in, I can’t bear to break the seal and run a brush over the colors. Does anyone else have this issue?


Something like MAC’s limited edition Colour Forms Cool Eyes x 5 ($38 only @ shown here practically sends me into spasms! Not only are the color blocks pretty but can you imagine keeping each color in their designated area? Ok, I’m a little obsessed with that too. There’s nothing more skin crawling than seeing a dirty palette.


Since palette or shadow art has become so hot and so pleasant to look at, I’ll highlight some of my favorites each season. While every product that appears on Cybelesays is tried and tested by us, this on-going feature will feature ones that we might not have tried and tested, just fawned over. How do you like that?


So purchase them or not, here are a few that just took our breath away.


1. CHANEL Multi-Use Make-Up Palette ($85 @

2. DIOR ‘Impression Cuir Leather Couture’ Eyeshadow ($55 @

3. GUERLAIN ‘Mereorites’ Illuminating Press Powder ($65 @

4. ESTEE LAUDER Pure Color Swirl Gloss ($18 @



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