Saturday, August 09, 2008

Product Picks From The New MAC Collections

MAC came out with the Starflash collection last week and while we love us some MAC with all the cool colors, I seem to get most excited when they release a new product altogether like the Eye Shadows ($14.50) in this collection. There are twelve new shadow colors to wet your whistle and what’s different about these? What I mainly noticed was no residue. What I mean by this is when you swipe a makeup brush through any powder, you have some residue that does not adhere to the bristles. Swiping and swishing the brush through the shadow and I got no residue, just color on the bristles. Pretty cool that there’s no waste.




Each color has a slight pearly finish and the colors are totally buildable, which I like. Color picks: Sunset B. (frosty clean midtone pink), Star By Night (frosty midnight blue), Grand Entrance (frosty neutral peach beige). Will these end up being a staple part of the collection? Time will tell.


Want to see what else I am loving from the MAC line these days? Click below to read more...


Love the long wear lipsticks in theory but hate when they flake off? Their new Pro Longwear Lustre Lipcolours ($25 @ from their new Lustre Twins colllection are your answer. Swab the Lustre color from one side on. Let dry and then brush on the glossy side. The gloss never seems to last as long as you want it to but the color remains and does not flake off. And my lips were fully colored all morning! Color picks: Gypsy Rose/Shimmer It (Berry red with gold pearl / Top coat: White gold with multicoloured pearl) and Red Reflection/Mirror (Deep berry magenta with pearl / Top coat: clear with white pearl). These could end up in the Hall of Fame so we'll keep you posted as we try more colors.



Decorative Diva

I actually wore my Pro Longwear in Purrpetuate yesterday with Mirror (I think I'd picked up Mirror with Sappho a year or two ago), and if you let the color coat dry completely, then you only have to touch up with gloss a few times. I wore the color from the time I got up, through work, through lunch and didn't have to do my first touch up of the gloss until after lunch. I drink water continuously throughout the day, and the gloss seemed fine through that.

Grand Entrance seems like a great color :)


Hi Deco Diva - What does Mirror and Sappho look like? Can't find it. These are pretty amazing in how they stay on without drying out. Thanks for reading!

Decorative Diva

Mirror looks just like the one that is in the new release.

Sappho isn't on their site any longer, but you can see it in my blog (I would have linked it but your site doesn't allow linking in messages - look at my 8/8/2008 entry).


Wow, the Eye Shadows collection is soo cool. I love to wear Eye Shadow in every occasion. Your post is really nice.


Those color are gorgeous! I have a Pro Longwear and they are awesome. They actually last through lunch and numerous bottles of water too.


I'm going to run some photos shortly of a shot taken at 9am and then a shot taken at 6pm with no touch ups during the day. these are probably going to be entered into the Hall of Fame. They are that good!

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