Saturday, July 19, 2008

Juicy Essie Neons

ESSIE's new NEON Collection is as vivid as it gets when it comes to color. Tips or toes, make ‘em stand out with any of these four.Essieuse

  • Short Shorts – shockingly flamingo pink
  • Mini Shorts – vibrant orange pop
  • Shorty Pants – electric yellow
  • Bermuda Shorts – high-voltage violet

And like these from Color Cop, the finish is matte, so be sure to apply a top coat to bring the color out. But I am left with one question - why no blue?? $8/bottle or $18/mini 4 Pack @


So I wanna know, which color do you like best and do you too wish there was a blue?




I think in future decades we'll look back at our neon nails of 2008 and giggle -- but yes, I do wish there were a blue. None of those jump out at me but I'd certainly wear a pretty vibrant blue :]

Maha G

yellow, all the way! i'm so glad essie is doing bold colors. i like them way more than opi but their colors are so neutral, so this makes me very very happy. thanks for the heads up. =)


I love the bold orange of "Mini Shorts" fact I have it on my toes.
As for blue nail polish...I love it! Having a blue in this collection (especially if it was as vibrant as these colors), would have been awesome. Honestly though, I think there are enough blue nail polish colors that keep me quite satisfied. :)


Hi Joods, I was wearing Short Shorts all weekend. I'm working my way to the Shorty Pants as yellow is not too much my thing right now.


I'm a big fan of essie nail polish.I love the pinks,corals,and purples.I get my nails done a lot so whenever I go to the nail salon,I'll make sure I bring a few bottles.They're so cute and lightweight so you can take em anywhere.When I go to school everyone tells me my nails are soo cute! All of my friends know what they'll be getting for their birthday or christmas...essie nail polish lol.

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