Friday, July 11, 2008

Get Brow-Tastic With Anastasia

Here are three to snap your brows into shape. We don’t care which ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS one you use to do it, just make sure you get at least one of these down. As you’ve heard a million times by now, brows are soooo important when it comes to your overall look. All @




  1. Brow Filler ($20) – duo-sided and sponge-tipped for filling in. The powder is slightly damp so it adheres to the skin/hair.
  2. Go Brow – Universal Brow Pencil ($21) – this medium neutral brown color really seems universal! I always go to dark with my pencil or powder.
  3. ‘Brow Wiz’ Mechanical Brow Pencil ($18) – has to be the slimmest, skinniest, on a diet brow pencil and it makes really thin lines so your work looks more natural.




Thanks for the post!

Crystal - Beauty or Bust

Ooh! I really want to try the Brow Wiz. It looks like the perfect tool for a natural, shapely brow.


Hi Crystal! I love the Brow Wiz. I didn't know that I was looking for a super thin pencil for my brows until after I found this! Have a nice weekend.

Sara J. Parsons

Anastasia Brow Filler is the best brow cosmetic I have ever used. I have had 2 rounds of mega chemo, leaving me with very few eye brow hairs. I tood this duo sponge tipped pen, swiped it across one brow in blonde, and in one second both brows were perfect, needed no fixative, and I had EYEBROWS AGAIN! I returned to buy it from the original retailer, and they no longer provided Anastasia. I went to Anastasia, and they do not sell it. I NEED THIS COSMETIC, and if the mfr. isn't making it, someone needs to! PLEASE!!! I don't want to spend 30 minutes on each brow trying to paste in human hair, or get colors to blend to the right shade, or hoping that the brow template doesn't slip - they are all a hassle. This one is not. Why are companies always getting rid of products that actually work? So they can sell hundreds of dollars of products that don't quite cut it??? I'm sorry, but I am SO FRUSTRATED! PLEASE, FIND THIS FOR ME SOMEWHERE! Frustrated and browless.


Hi Sara,
Thanks for your email. I have a product that I wrote about last year that was created just for your situation -
I saw it in person and it really looks real! Let me know if you decide to try it!

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