Saturday, July 12, 2008

Don’t Wanna Be Greasy Bear

Yeah, I read the gossip blogs and you know you chuckled if you know who I’m talking about. But seriously, who wants to be Joe Slick this summer? Stop the shine with these four anti-shiners to take and keep your greasy off.





  1. TOO FACED Re-Fresh Oil Blotting Papers ($12/100 sheets @
  2. URBAN DECAY De-Slick Mattifying Powder ($28 @
  3. NAPOLEON PERDIS Auto Pilot Pore Minimizer and Mattifier ($60/.59oz @
  4. DERMELECT Pore Revolution & T-Zone Mattifier ($28/.5oz @



which one will last longer, do you think? a powder or a cream? thanks always!


Hi Dana - I would use one of the creams if you are looking to make it part of your routine in the morning. The UD and Too Faced one are more for spot touch ups.


I'm always suspicious of these "mattifiers." They usually contain some kind of silicone, which makes your face appear matte for awhile, but it doesn't do anything to decrease oil production, so your face is still pumping out all that oil, which eventually overwhelms the silicone (well, mine does). Plus, the silicone doesn't FEEL matte - it actually feels kind of slick. So I haven't tried any of the newer mattifiers on the market because I'm afraid they're just more of the same - plus, they're so expensive! The Urban Decay powder looks interesting, because it's a powder - but, is it JUST a powder? Am I missing something?


I've been looking for a good product to reduce the shine this summer. I find one, and it doesn't work so well, I try another, and the same thing. I will check in to these products that you mention. I appreciate the names of more products to try.


Hi ABerrones and Trishket - I think ANY mattifier is only a temporary fix. Our pours are living and breathing and thus changing so there is no product that will stop them from producing for hours on end. I'm no expert and never claim to be, but this is my experience.
And yes, the UD one is powder form mattifier. Thanks for reading!

Maha G

i'm too poor to try any of these. i always tend to just keep a drugstore compact powder in my purse for touch ups in between, or the clean and clear blotters (the blue ones). =)


i live in a tropical country so i have this constant battle with the oilies. i'm always on the look-out for mattifiers that really work. but i have accepted the fact that my skin will always be oily and that it's actually a blessing since i look younger than my age. :)

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