Monday, July 28, 2008

Defend Your Hands With Handefend

Pureworks We’ve all heard of and used hand sanitizers in the gel and foam form. How about a hand sanitizer lotion?? PUREWORKS Antibacterial Lotion ($22/8oz, $12/4oz) is a first of its kind in a few different ways. Besides being in the form of a creamy lotion, it’s also FDA compliant as a First-aid antiseptic. I don’t recall hearing any other company in this category touting that fact.
Did you know that a lot of the popular brands are made up of mostly are mainly Ethyl Alcohol? Ones that contain alcohol supposedly work better than non-alcohol ones but Pureworks’ alcohol-free products claim to work just as good. Just short of doing a skin swab, how would one test this fact? Since I don’t own a chemistry lab, I used this one when I need to moisturize my hands anyways so I take their word for it. Their site has some interesting facts to back up their claims so read more @



This lotion looks great and I want to give it a try. The traditional hand sanitizers really dry out my skin and if they have any scent like the Bath & Body Works brand, my hands will break out in welts. This lotion type would probably be far superior.


Hi LKG - I would try this lotion form as it doesn't seem to be drying like the normal gel can be.

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I hope its safe for my hands.

Huguette E.

Sounds like a great product. I need hand sanitizer especially staying at the cottage where we don't have running water. As well my hands get dry a lot of the time, so this would be perfect


I'm so wary of using hand sanitizers instead of water and soap since I heard that hand sanitizers can only get the stuff on the top, and doesn't kill the second layer of bacteria, but I guess if there wasn't any water around, I'd use it


Hi Hazel - I never heard that before. Interesting. I wonder how soap and water gets deeper in the skin.


I appreciate the post and all the nice comments. Yes, this is a revolutionary product .. alcohol based sanitizers dry and crack your skin, and within 5 seconds, the alcohol has evaporated .. PureWorks, on the other hand, moisturizes and conditions your skin, and the active ingredient stays on your hands killing germs for hours .. it is highly recommended for anyone interested in keeping their hands healthy and staying germ free!


Thanks Chris! It is a unique and really needed product.

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