Saturday, June 28, 2008

Go On Vacation With Caress

CaressCARESS Brazilian Exotic Oil Infusions Body Wash ($5.19/15oz @ is one of those luxe vacation-in-a-bottle products that won’t break the bank. For me, body washes are pretty much the same and it’s usually the scent that makes it or breaks it. For the most part that is.


This one blends Passion Flower Cream and the Acai Fruit oil so the formula is pretty thick. The added oils seem to hydrate well as my arms don’t feel so in need of lotion after I get out of the shower. Nice one.



These smell sooo good. I haven't tried the one you pictured but now I want to! It just *looks* yummy. :)


Hi Marsadie - all the ones in this collection smell really good. go to the drugstore and pop the tops to see which one you like most!

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