Monday, June 02, 2008

Be What You Feel With Danica Aromatics

Starting a feature out by saying “I am not usually one for…”, I’m beginning to think I am “one for…” and just didn’t know it. It’s like that girl looking for love everywhere when it was standing in front of her the whole time. SuchIamwilduse_2 was the case with the I am fragrance line from DANICA AROMATICS. It’s a collection of 11 different empowering scents to help you make your statement. Each was created to combat negative thoughts in the brain via the olfactory glands. My pick of the litter is I am wild. I have always loved the oriental frags but not really ones with fruity notes. This one is a fru-oriental as in fresh fruits like peach and passion fruit and orientalized. Really nice! And the scent lasts on the skin.
So maybe we change what we like and don’t as time goes on and that it's not really set. That’s all I can conclude from this realization. Or maybe it's how the notes are mixed and order - what's on top, middle and bottom? I am puzzled. Any thoughts? Pick up any I am scent for $29/roll-on and $65/1.7oz @



I would love to try these fragrances but I have a complaint already. I live in WA and there are no stores in the area to give these a whiff before I buy. One of my biggest beefs with some fragrance collections is that I cannot purchase a sample collection. If more fragrance designers made sample collections available I would certainly be purchasing more.


Hi Tate - I feel your pain. Some companies do offer samples and some do not and it seems like more are doing samples these days. There is one site that samples all their fragrances they sell and I can't recall it off hand. Let me know and I will email you.
I would also just email these danica people directly and ask them for samples. can't hurt!


the site is they sell samples of all the scents they carry. good luck!

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