Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Whish For Luxury

WhishFile this next one under the same category as the new 22” Monitor I just bought – a little more than I want to spend but total luxury and glad I did! It’s totally not needed as a less expensive one will do the trick but what a treat it is. WHISH Shave Crave in Papaya Coconut Shave Cream ($24/5oz, 32/6.7oz @ nordstrom.com) not only helps lift the hair to attention but moisturizes the skin with papaya and coconut oils. And this scent really makes shaving not so bad.



this sounds incredible! but too much luxury for my non existent shaving LOLOL!! i'll get on it soon! i promise! i have to break out a skirt soon =)

Dental Recall

This is a great product but it is a little bit difficult to keep up with because it is a little expensive.

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