Sunday, May 11, 2008

Summer Sun with Essie

The ESSIE Summer 2008 Nail Polish Collection is upon us and the forecast calls for bright bold color! Yeah! One of these is sure to match your prettiest summer outfit. $8 @



My Place or Yours (pink rose), Escapades (red, red-coral), Risky Business (glam red meets tangerine,) Guilty Pleasures (pink strawberry bliss), Secret Stash (fuchsia), Movers & Shakes (sassy, bold pink).



OMG, this is the best pink collection I have seen from them in a long time! Love your site! ---Nina


are any of these sheer or are they pretty thick in terms of the coat? I am sometimes deceived by the picture. Thanks!


No sheers here! they are are all pretty ... pigmented. Can you use that to describe a polish? I know you can use that term for makeup but never thought about it for polish. So to answer your question, no sheers. Thanks for reading!


are you supposed to match your fingernail polish to your toenail polish?


Hi Lindsay - actually some people do and some people don't. I am of the liking of NOT matching your toes and fingers. too matchy, matchy for most unless you are trying to create a look. what look that would be? I don't know! Thanks for reading.

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