Saturday, May 17, 2008

Now I Can Wear Hard Candy

Wowee, wow-wow, is this one great! Then again, I should have guessed it would be pretty good because it’s HARD CANDY. While I have not been wow’d by all of their products,Hardcandyfragsss_3 this Fragrance ($42/1.69oz, $55/3.38oz @ is pretty fab. It falls in the category of floriental and they describe it perfectly – “a hint of sweetness but with a bit of depth and mystery.” Spray it on and the nose detects the top notes of white tea and pink peppercorn (is that what that is??), middle notes of rose and jasmine and the base is a vanilla and cashmere musk. And it seems to last quite a while. Not one of those scents you put on and five minutes later forgot which scent you’re wearing. 


And the packaging? The slim bottle with black swirls around it is quite sleek and sexy and the top is like a pincushion with each size is represented by a different color – green for the 3.38oz and pink for the 1.69oz. How often does that happen? And I really liked the cardboard foil origami box it came in. Very colorful and the way it opened up was fun and unique.


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