Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Addition To The Hall of Fame!

Trophy2I really wasn’t prepared to be wow’d tonight but I was. I had heard TURBOION’s Croc professional straigtening irons were good but I never tried one. I even drooled over them at January’s ISSE show! And this past week I was able to give one a spin. And wow! I was used to straightening irons making my hair straight but this one made it stick straight with not a lot of runs through the hair. It was almost too straight!


And I put this one through quite the test. I ran the blow dryer over my hair to dry it but I didn’t style it with a round brush, which I usually do to make it straight. So with no round brush love, I grabbed a section with a comb, and three runs later with the Croc Titanium Wet to Dry Flat Iron 1 ½", voila, stick straight strands. Finished my whole head and it looked like I just came from the salon. The iron uses the most advanced “Nano-fine Ceramic Heating Plates” to seal the cuticles and eliminate frizz, while preserving the hair’s condition. If you want to read more about the technology behind this one, check out their site. All I know is what it does!

Now this one can be used on wet or dry hair but I don’t recommend using it on wet hair. I’ve consulted a few hairdressers and they don’t recommend it either.

And watching this one heat up was kinda fun (yes, I’m easily entertained) too. It has a blue digital display and the hottest it goes is 430 degrees. The heat can be set to your hair’s needs, which they recommend: 280 to 310 for bleach or fragile, 310 to 390 for normal and 390 to 430 for coarse or thick.

So help me welcome the Croc Titanium Wet to Dry Flat Iron 1 ½" to the Hall of Fame.



Hi Cybelesay! I have been looking for a straightening iron for some time. The price is a little steep but thanks for the info!


Hi Tiffany, you can balance out the cost by how much you use it. I use mine a few times a week so it's worth it. If you only use it once a month, it may not be worth it for you. Thanks for reading!

Fashion's Darling

OMG!!! I LOVE THIS STRAIGHTENER! Nothing has ever made my coarse hair so straight and not so damaging. I don't even have to go all the up to the 400s (degrees) this thing is wonderful!


Like I said, I was totally surprised by this one. Now, what to do with the 4 or 5 irons I own!! I guess I'll donate them. Thanks for reading!


Hi Cybelesay- How would you compare this straightening iron to a Chi? Is it any better or worse?


Hi Jenny - I have not tried any from Chi, believe it or not but I have tried about 5 other brands, 3 of which are sitting on my bathroom floor! This is for sure the best one yet. Will keep the door open for Chi if I come across it. Thanks for reading!

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