Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tools Of The Trade

In continuing our coverage of great makeup brushes, we have some more recommendations. Some are brand new and some are not but they all get the thumbs up from us.


  • URBAN DECAY’s new Big Buddha Brush ($36 @ is their answer to the kabuki brush. It’s 3” tall and 2” wide and made of the manmade fiber, Taklon.
  • Use the tip of TRISH McEVOY #23 Angled Crease Contour ($32 @ to get color deep into the crease and then use the flat part to blend the color in.
  • JAPONESQUE Travel Angled Foundation ($23 @ brush is made from Taklon and is pointed to help you get into those corners around the nose.
  • DEBRA MACKI Angled Blush Brush ($28 @ is made with pony hair and the angle helps sculpt the perfect cheek.
  • ESSENCE OF BEAUTY Blender Brush ($7.99 @ is made of natural hair and especially for mineral makeup and will blend, blend, blend your bronzer, foundation or blush. Big recommendation.


Shop With a Vengeance!

I love Japonesque brushes! They are such good quality :)


And the urban decay brush is so fun. It's really big and great for applying powder!


how often do I have to change my brushes out or rather get new ones? I need a new blush brush and I really want to try one of the ones from Bobbi Brown. What do you think?


I read a piece recently that your brushes should be changed every few months. Can you imagine the cost if everyone did this? ugh! I would change a brush out if it seems to be losing hairs or looks beat up. If you wash them regularly and take care of them, they can last you a really long time. Thanks!

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