Monday, April 14, 2008

Heavenly Nose Part Tres

We are quite obsessed with products that work and smell terrific so let’s focus on body parts this time. We clean them and moisturize them and these are some that will make your skin tingle and nose dance.




MISTRAL Organic French Shea Butter Soap in Lilac of May ($7.50/7oz @

JUNE JACOBS Papaya Body Balm ($46/7oz @

MOR new Fruits of Cornucopia Body Bar ($19 @ @
PURE HAPA Haupia Orange Soufflé Body Cream ($24/3.2oz @





Ooo, I love smelling all the new products this time of year. thanks for the recs!


I especially love the Mistral soap. All their products are pretty great. Have not tried one that has been bad. Thanks for reading!

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