Saturday, April 12, 2008

Get Yer Summer On with Estee Lauder

This next one is the biggest, fattest welcome product to get you from spring into summer. ESTEE LAUDER’sEsteebodyoil_2 new Bronze Goddess Body Oil Spray ($29.50/4oz @ is at the top of my list on those days that are extra warm even though it’s only April. My nose detects a mix of bergamot, mandarin, Tahitian Gardenia and sandalwood. And their body oil sprays are some of the lightest I have ever tried. Never greasy and they sink into the skin quickly.


This scent also comes in an Eau Fraiche Skinscent and Body Lotion.



Mom bought this for me, knowing how I love all things EL. It was the gardenia that got me, and the nice sheen to my skin after. I bought another so I wouldn't run out, LOL! Even though the bottle will more than likely last me most of our 9 month long summer. I woner if I could put it in the fridge for a nice blast of cool? :)


This is a great scent for them. They seem to do the summer type ones very well. The newest one they just put out (can't remember the name) but it's their delve into the oriental fragrance world and yuck, I say stick with what you know. Thanks for reading!

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