Sunday, March 23, 2008

Styling Made Easy with Spornette

I swear I'm hair product challenged. Even when I make an effort to use the smallest amount of something, it ends up being too much and then I have greasy spots on my head. When I find a product I like and learn how to use it, in my head, I’m onto the next one to conquer my next hair concern. I feel that since I have this one product down, I assume the best for every hair product I come across. This works for about 1 out of every 50 and remember this is styling products. Shampoos and conditioners I am pretty good at choosing. Some of these hair styling products should be by prescription only, but then again I guess they are since some of them are only sold in solons. I gotta find me a class or something – hair styling 101.


Like when it comes to makeup, the tools you use to style your hair to get the right “application” are just as important as the above products you put it in. So bless their little hearts over at SPORNETTE. They make it so even the hair novice like me can style their hair somewhat presentable. I am really into their collection of Pronto Hair Brushes ($10.99-$12.99/1 ½” to 3” barrels @ right now. Here are the features:

  • barrel is concave so the hair stays on the brush
  • barrel is ceramic so hair dries fast
  • bristles are Tourmaline and Nano Silver




What I also like about these brushes is that the bristles are spaced further apart than a boars hairbrush. It is so much easier for me to grab a section of hair and wrap it around the brush whilst drying it. If I can’t seem to always figure out the styling products, at least I can get the tool part down. 




Hi Cybele. Informative and entertaining post.

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