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Monday, March 31, 2008

Sonia Kashuk's New Tools Of The Trade

SONiA KASHUK just came out with seven new makeup brushes for the spring. I have really grown to become a big fan of her tools in general and these are no exception. Besides being great quality brushes that don’t break the bank, they are made from synthetic materials instead of real animal hair.

My favorites out of the new ones are the:


  • SoniabrushesSynthetic Flat Top Blusher $14.99 (this is my overall favorite)
  • Multi Purpose Nylon Brush $5.99
  • Synthetic Crease Shadow Brush $9.99
  • Highlighting Brush $12.99

Get any of these @


These brushes got us to thinking, there are probably a lot of new brushes coming out for the season. We will be highlighting some of the best ones in the coming weeks so make sure to check them out.

We also got a hold of her new Spring 2008 Color Collection. The feature with our picks coming soon.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Erase Some Face With Benefit

Erase_paste3This is the cutest hot pink container! BENEFIT’s Erase Paste ($26/.15oz @ is a concealer that not only hides blemishes and other unsightly markings but also brightens and camouflages the area. Think of those face foundations that have properties inside to blur imperfections. This uses the same technology. Use a dab under the eyes, the shadows around the nose and you can add a tiny bit of water to make it more blendable. It comes in three shades and even has a tiny spatula to spoon some out.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Size Matters According To Cover Girl

OK, I’ve decided to stop being such a mascara snob. Kiss Me Mascara is one of the first products that started me on my beauty-writing journey back in 2001. And COVERGIRL new LashBlast Waterproof Mascara ($7.65 @ is helping me overcome this problem. I’m usually not a fan of waterproof mascaras becauseCovergirl most are so hard to remove at the end of the day. Not this one. Let’s talk about the lengthening this does and with just few coats! Usually I have to build and build the formula on my lashes to get something to happen with the girth or the length. Maybe it’s the cool orange bristles on the fat brush or the combination of the formula and the brush is what did it. Like the Spornette brush, it seems to space the bristles out a little more than usual. Whatever it is to make this mascara great, I am loving it. And if I have a weak moment, I can always apply the Kiss Me on top of this mascara.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Styling Made Easy with Spornette

I swear I'm hair product challenged. Even when I make an effort to use the smallest amount of something, it ends up being too much and then I have greasy spots on my head. When I find a product I like and learn how to use it, in my head, I’m onto the next one to conquer my next hair concern. I feel that since I have this one product down, I assume the best for every hair product I come across. This works for about 1 out of every 50 and remember this is styling products. Shampoos and conditioners I am pretty good at choosing. Some of these hair styling products should be by prescription only, but then again I guess they are since some of them are only sold in solons. I gotta find me a class or something – hair styling 101.


Like when it comes to makeup, the tools you use to style your hair to get the right “application” are just as important as the above products you put it in. So bless their little hearts over at SPORNETTE. They make it so even the hair novice like me can style their hair somewhat presentable. I am really into their collection of Pronto Hair Brushes ($10.99-$12.99/1 ½” to 3” barrels @ right now. Here are the features:

  • barrel is concave so the hair stays on the brush
  • barrel is ceramic so hair dries fast
  • bristles are Tourmaline and Nano Silver




What I also like about these brushes is that the bristles are spaced further apart than a boars hairbrush. It is so much easier for me to grab a section of hair and wrap it around the brush whilst drying it. If I can’t seem to always figure out the styling products, at least I can get the tool part down. 


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Two Nudes To Get Into

Purminerals_2PUR MINERALS Mineral Lip Tint SPF 15 in Sandy Quartz ($16.50 @ from the Spring 2008 color collection. Sheer nude with a slight hint of iridescence.

ShulsSHU UEMURA has THE perfect pinky-nude lipstick included in their latest collection. I find most nudes too chalky or matte. Basically too there! This Rouge Unlimited in Serene Pink from the Rebirth Collection balances matte and glossy for the perfect smooth finish. And nude lips are so in right now. $23 @ shuuemuracom.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Lashing Out Glamourously with Make Up For Ever

My first thought of, “wow, maybe I can do this,” popped into my head was a few years back when I was standing in line at Burbank’s Cinema Secrets. The girl in front of me had about 10 sets of false eyelashes in her hands. I asked her if she was having an eyelash party or something (haha) and she told me she wears false eyelashes everyday. Can you imagine applying them everyday? She was obviously an expert because I just have so many problems when it comes to these! Don’t get me wrong, I know the steps to put them on and I only try to put them on for special occasions. I know that you’re supposed to let the glue start to get tacky on the strip before you lay them on your lid. I know to use tweezers to move them into place on your lid. I’ve even tried using that little stand that curves the lash band and then you pick it up with oversized wide tweezer thingy. I’ve tried it more than a few times but it is just not as easy as it looks no matter how you try and put them on. I end up just getting frustrated and toss them to the side. I mean, don’t you look at these new Faux Lashes ($14 @ from MAKE UP FOR EVER and want to try them all? Choose from 53 subtle or dramatic styles from their Lashbar. I figure the only secret in putting them on is practice, practice, practice! Can you suggest any tips?


Monday, March 17, 2008

In The Eyes Of Nature with Tsi~LA Organics

It’s true. Packaging is so important when it comes to any beauty product. That’s why I don’t understand why some companies skimp on this part. There are many lines, especially in makeup, that I’m sure I’m missing simply because the packaging isn’t appealing or their line comes in the same containers we’ve seen over and over again. You certainly won’t find that to be the case when it comes to fragrances. I think it’s a major faux pas for a company to use the same container as another. It probably hasn’t even happened before! So it was my delighted surprise when TSI~LA ORGANICS (pronounced chee-la) Eau de Parfum Mini Collection ($75 @ came across my desk. Each 3.5ml roll-on bottle is made of glass and so it makes these little guys so fun to apply. I know, I know, I have to get out of the house more…


My favorite this past week has been the Fleur Sauvage and here’s a breakdown of all four of the scents:

  • Kizes – Sicilian bergamot, elderflower, tuberose, jasmine, orange flower
  • Fleur Sauvage – tuberose, jasmine
  • Kesu – jasmine, davana (Indian blossom), lime, amber, wood
  • Ilang Ilang – floral tree blossoms

TsilaWhat makes this line tre unique is that these are pure perfume oils in a moisturizing base of coconut oil and orchid flower extract, so they are very concentrated. They don’t contain any alcohol, preservatives or colors. One thing I can’t figure out, if you rub you wrists together like I’ve heard NOT to do as it bruises the scent, does this also apply to fragrances that are made with pure ingredients like these from Tsi-LA? Or is the whole bruising thing a myth?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

When UD Speaks, I Listen

UrbandecayI just love URBAN DECAY’s shadow colors. Always have and probably always will. They are just so unusual and fun. And they just put out some new loose mineral ones that have me jumping from color to color trying to decide my favorite. Each container only contains 1 grams of color in their Loose Pigments ($20 @ but know that they are extremely concentrated or pigmented so a little goes a long way. And the short handled brush makes it easy to control the application. Color picks: Goddess (midnight blue with electric blue micro glitter) and Shag (pale bronze).

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Estee Lauder Has a New Cream In Town



We’re all looking for the latest in technology when it comes to younger looking skin. ESTEE LAUDER just came out with their Re-Nutriv Ultimate Youth Crème and it’s creating quite a buzz. Here’s the lowdown and I’ll break it down as best as I can.Esteelauder
This does all that a good cream should - improves overall tone and plumps fine lines. It really seems to youth-i-fy my skin! Their scientists have created what they call the Youth Molecule--Resveratrate, which is a potent form of Resveratrol (antibiotics produced by plants when under attack in outside forces). Resveratrate is a time-released version of Resveratrol so rub a small amount into the skin (it’s pretty concentrated) and your skin will benefit throughout the day. Can you believe that this product has 23 patents pending worldwide? This is a pretty serious cream and gives lovely results and I hope I didn’t lose you with the above explanation! The only thing not good looking when it comes to this cream is the price. But can you put a price on something that works so well? $250/1.7oz @

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You Read It Here First ...

I wasn’t too sure about this next one and if I was going to feature them. I don’t need them, thankfully, but since I discovered them at the ISSE show back in January, they have been on my mind. And tonight standing in line at the Victoria’s Secret counter waiting to make my purchase sealed the deal. The sales girl had really dark drawnStamp on brows that not only had no arch but they made her look really mad and she is certainly not the first one I have seen with wacky looking brows. Ugh, don’t people look in the mirror before leaving the house in the morning? And here’s the answer to their woes:

STAMP ME FABULOUS or SMF, as I am calling them, is a quick and easy way to put on your eyebrows. Go to town with the tweezers one night and just have a few lonely hairs screaming for help? Taking medication that has made them fall out? Then this is for you. What sold me on it when it was demonstrated was how realistic it looks. It really does!! This is one you have to see in person to be a believer. And what do you have to lose by trying this one out? It’s not a major money investment and it’s pretty quick to do. They have a video on their site so you can see how it all works. 

Choose from thirteen different Eyebrow Stamps ($25) shapes, five Semi-Permanent Ink Pens colors ($15), Fixative ($5) and they even offer a Color Remover ($12.50). They say the Ink will last up to 12 to 18 hours in normal conditions. If you have oily skin then make sure to pick up the Fixative as this will help them stay in place. All @

VS has their sale coming up in June so I’ll be sure to discretely slip her a non-descript bag with SMF inside.

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