Thursday, March 13, 2008

Estee Lauder Has a New Cream In Town



We’re all looking for the latest in technology when it comes to younger looking skin. ESTEE LAUDER just came out with their Re-Nutriv Ultimate Youth Crème and it’s creating quite a buzz. Here’s the lowdown and I’ll break it down as best as I can.Esteelauder
This does all that a good cream should - improves overall tone and plumps fine lines. It really seems to youth-i-fy my skin! Their scientists have created what they call the Youth Molecule--Resveratrate, which is a potent form of Resveratrol (antibiotics produced by plants when under attack in outside forces). Resveratrate is a time-released version of Resveratrol so rub a small amount into the skin (it’s pretty concentrated) and your skin will benefit throughout the day. Can you believe that this product has 23 patents pending worldwide? This is a pretty serious cream and gives lovely results and I hope I didn’t lose you with the above explanation! The only thing not good looking when it comes to this cream is the price. But can you put a price on something that works so well? $250/1.7oz @



This is my absolute favorite moisturizer! I use it every night -- it literally makes me look like I've just gotten a facial!


It IS really good but that darn price tag!


If it works, that's cheap! I will give it a test-drive. Thanks.

Giovanni Oliveira

But, 23 different patents or a unique patent pending in 23 countries?


Giovanni, there are 23 overall patents on this product. Worldwide means the patents will stand up in all the countries (a more detailed process).

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