Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Nose DOES Know

CreativescentsationsLet’s face it, the first thing any woman does when picking up a product is smell it. The better it smells, the more we think it works, before we even try it! Some products live up to it, some do not. One that smells absolutely superb and works fantastically is CREATIVE SCENTSATIONS Hand & Body Scrub in Black Currant & Fig ($16/7oz @ from the CND brand. When reading the ingredients on the back, there are some big wordy-words that I don’t know the meaning of. All I know is that I really like the scent, texture and the moisturizing it does and in that order. Is that bad?

Am I to break down every product by what’s inside of it? Isn’t that what the FDA is for? We never did that before but it seems quite the trend now to break everything down. Yes, you should know what you are using but I say if it doesn’t break me out or cause any other adverse reaction, I’ll use it. Who’s with me?



Interesting point. Do you think it's just a trend or here to stay? I'm really not sure but here in Tampa at the salon I work at, more than usual, people seem to want to know if the chemicals I use to color hair are ok to use.

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