Sunday, February 24, 2008

Facial Euphoria With Bliss

Bliss_3We loved The Youth As We Know It Moisturizing Cream when it came out last year and yeah, they’ve expanded the collection! I don’t think much will get by when you have this 5some on hand from BLISS.


First up, we got the creamy The Youth As We Know It Cleanser ($30/6.7oz) and the The Youth As We Know It Toner ($28/6.7oz). There’s been much debate on whether or not the skin even needs a toner. I vote yes as I’ve read a few places that it resets the pH of the skin. I really like this next product in the collection called The Youth As We Know It Concentrate: Age Control ($70/1oz). This serum claims to release moisturizers two different times in the day. Wow! I guess I have to believe them since I couldn’t see it on my skin but I know my face did not seem dried out when I went to wash it at bedtime.
Then there’s the The Youth As We Know It Eye Cream ($75/.5oz), if you need it, and rounding it all out, slather on that Moisturizing Cream ($79/1.7oz). They say that products in a collection are usually made to work with one another, so I would give a few of these a shot. All @


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