Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Benefit Cosmetics' Flush Blush

What is blush? BENEFIT COSMETICS has created exactly what blush was created for – to mimic the color our cheeks turn when, ahem,Benefit we’re turned on. Thrrrob ($28 @ sephora.com) is the newest addition to their collection of powders with the others being Dallas, 10, Dandelion, Hoola and Georgia. When I first heard this was coming out, I thought it might be a lot like the Dandelion but Thrrrob is more of a bubblegum pink and this powder has a slight shimmer to it.



this is exactly the kind of blush color I have been looking for. Hopefully it won't be too pink for my fair skin. thanks for the recommendation!


Hi Stacey - It's pretty sheer so it should work for you.

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