Thursday, January 31, 2008

You Read It Here First!



As soon as I get home in the evening and know I’m in for the night, I immediately put back the hair and put on the PJs. Using a headband and then pulling the rest into a ponytail is not the most comfortable but it does get the hair off my face. Now I am happy to say I’ve found something better and we’re happy to make their Internet introduction. The TASSI ($14.99 @ headwrap will become the only way to comfortably get your hair off your face and neck.

There’s only a two beauty conventions I go to every year looking for the latest debuting on the beauty scene and this was one of the most useful ones I came across. Put the stretch terry cloth band over your head, pull hair through, push it up into the front like a headband and then pull the back up to catch the back of your hair. It’s the most comfortable thing to wear on your head! Use it for everything: getting a facial, putting on makeup, while tanning, showering. Basically anywhere you need to get your hair outta the way. Available in 8 fun colors! Big recommendation.




this looks like a must have! thanks for the recommendation.


These look really awsome! I really hope I win the contest. I have issues with getting my hair in the way while washing my face.... this is a daily occurance, lol.


This is a great idea, my sister has huge tumors on her neck and many times even her hair irritated it. This would be a great way to pull back her hair gently and give her more comfort.
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Oh, how I *love* smart design. This sounds like such a great idea. I love it, and I can think of about ten girlfriends that might be getting one for Christmas. Thanks!

Michelle Rosborough

This is perfect for when I wash my face

Caryn Bailey

Very innovative. There are so many times I've done my hair and want to freshen up without messing it up. Awesome!

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