Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hold It with these Hair Products!

Hair_5Need to keep every hair in place? Cream or spray, these use different formulas for different holds.



PROFOUND BEAUTY Structure Luxe Cream ($28/4.75oz @ – This cream is the modernized version of the 60’s/70’s setting creams. Wanna create some waves but afraid that they won’t last long? You could do it with hairspray but the finished look always has that hard crunch effect. This one leaves a more natural look.



L’OREAL Elnett Hairspray ($12/2.5oz, $21/6.7oz @ - This hairspray has such a cult following and after discovering it a few years ago, I can see why. It brushes out so it allows a woman to change her mind! And thankfully it is not hard to find anymore.


PAUL MITCHELL Extra-Body Firm Finishing Spray ($12.99/11oz @ – Here’s a hair staple. You need to hold your hair style; I mean really hold your hair style firmly in place. Here’s your answer.


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