Thursday, January 03, 2008

Get Nude Skin

Nudeuse_2This new skin care line from the UK, NUDE, thinks of everything that is on our minds these days, mainly alternatives to using harsh chemicals. It was created by the founder of Fresh and Wild (like our Whole Foods) and launched here in the States last fall. Since his shoppers were avidly concerned about what they put in their bodies, he thought it was only natural that they would open to a new line that uses high performance natural ingredients. We all know that drugstore and department store brands are filled with chemicals but we’re pretty much a slave to them until now. Their products don’t claim to be organic but as I mentioned they do use a lot of botanicals and other natural ingredients. So you get the performance without a lot of the super bad-for-your-skin ingredients, like parabens, sulphates, silicons and mineral oils, to name a few.


Product picks: Age Defense Moisturizer ($100/1.3oz), Cleansing Facial Oil ($52/7oz).


One of the best traits is the really cool squoval packaging. 40% of the recyclable packaging used is already recycled materials.


So set these up in your bathroom, have a party, and see how many comments you get from guests. All @
I have the Miracle Mask on deck to try so as usual, we’ll let you know if it’s worth the investment…


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