Monday, December 10, 2007

Speed Style with Paul Mitchell

Paul-Mitchell-Super-Skinny-Serum-2 We’re all familiar with dryers that dry your hair faster but what about a product that dries hair faster? Seems hard to believe. Leave it to the professionals at PAUL MITCHELL to come out with products that not only claims to dry hair faster but calm hair down. Way down. Having relatively short hair on the side and top of my head (no, it’s not a mullet), the blow dryer can really poof it up so before I turn on that button, I have been applying their Super Skinny Serum ($15.95/5.1oz @ from the Smoothing line. It contains silicon that smooths and seals each strand and reduces drying time by 30%. So pair this one with a ceramic dryer and you’re stylin’.



Hi. Have you noticed any residue or flaking after using it? I have thick hair that can take hours to dry, so I'm always on the lookout for something to dry my hair faster. Thank you.


Hi Karen,
Nope, no residue, really! I was pretty amazed too.
Thanks for reading.
All my blush,

Ashley Hughes

I love Paul Mitchell Super Skinny, it makes my hair feel amazing. I think it also doesn't add residue to my hair. It washes right out and doesn't weigh it down. This post just reminded me I need more of it! lol!

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