Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Catwalk Queen

MilaniduoesI’ve been wanting to write up this next item for some time but didn’t quite know what to say other than I’m in such awe over them. Could it be that they are just so fun to look at that I just didn’t want to ruin the look by *gasp* using them? MILANI Runway Eyes ($7.99 @ are a great way to get creative on your lids. Each of the six colors in the palette sits like a 3-D bar so when you swipe, your brush really gets a nice dose of color on it. Like to layer color families? These make it easy to go from dark to light. Available in six haute couture palettes – Designer Browns, Fashionista Pinks, Couture In Pinks, Backstage Basics, Glamorous Gems and Beauty In Blues.


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