Thursday, September 13, 2007

What Season Is It Anyway?

ApothiaIt seems like any on-going cable drama is good. I was hooked on the first two seasons of The L Word but blah, fell off in the third season. So I was very intrigued by APOTHIA’s L Eau de Parfum ($75/1.7oz and $30/deluxe sample @ when this came out early last year. What in the world could this scent be about?? It was created by input from 7,500 fans and what they think would best represent. The result? A light sensuous fragrance with notes of angelica, violet leaf, vetiver and sandalwood, among others.Cleanlather I expected a very watered down, trendy scent but surprisingly enough, it wasn’t.


The CLEAN line has pretty much revolutionized the fragrance industry with their fresh scents. I don’t know the last time a fragrance line has consistently put out several no nonsense fragrances that have sold so well. The latest is Lather Eau de Parfum ($76/2.14oz @ and it’s just what you would expect from this line – clean and shower fresh with notes of citrus, florals and a touch of musk and wood.
And the best trait about both of these? They are great to wear no matter what season.


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