Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wash It, Wash It, Scrub It Too, With Blue Q

Soap, soaps, soaps, what’s not to love? Big bars of cleaning goodness and there are so many types to choose from these days. One of the kings or rather queens, in the case of this particular product, of the gourmetBlueq soaps is Pittsfield, MA’s BLUE Q. Never have I seen a line of goodies carried in so many different types of retail stores - make a point to look around the next time you are in a party goods store to a high end card store. They simply have something for everyone. On the top of my shower stand this month is their Mental Case Prima Donna Soap ($7.99/5oz @ Lathering up some White Tea and Rose Hips in the morning is a pleasant way to wake up in the morning.


I have a habit of hording cool candle boxes and now Blue Q soap boxes. Help!


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