Friday, September 21, 2007

Nail Stickers by Incoco

Incoco4_2Put this one on your shopping list for the upcoming holidays. It’s hard enough to know what you’re going to wear the big night of an outing and your nails? Who has time to squeeze in a nail appointment? INCOCO Dry Nail Appliqué ($5.99 @ will be your answer. It’s dry strips of nail polish that you simply fit to your nail size, peel off the back, stick and firmly crease all sides down and buff the excess top off. That’s it! And the colors are great – French Manicures to Red Velvet to Pink Satin. They have a shade for every gala.


Each kit comes with 20 thin strips, a buff stick, orange stick to help get into corners, and a polish remover cloth. Make sure to keep the silver package to store the ones you don’t use yet so they don’t dry out. All in all a great kit but I wish the silver package was a little bigger as the nail strips are a little hard to slide back in after it’s opened.
I’m on my 7th day of wearing them and only one nail “chipped.” That’s a passing grade for me.


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