Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Brush Strokes With Billy B.

I’m kind of a fanatic about my makeup brushes. I have lots of them, and they each serve a very specific purpose. I guess BILLY B knows that too, and boy, does he have brushes for every trick of the trade! It was like a field day for me to try the fabulous brushes available from billy b beauty. As a celebrity makeup artist for the past 20 years, Billy knows how important it is to have the right brush for the job. These brushes are a made from a natural and synthetic blends of the highest quality. Some of the highlights of the Paint Brush Collection are:



Number Nine to use with concealers and small details - $18.50
Number Seven to use for lips - $18
Number Four for contouring - $28.50
Number Eleven has a stiff angle for the brows - $18
Buy them individually or you can purchase the entire 13 series collection for $249 @ billybbeauty.com ~Lisa


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