Tuesday, August 21, 2007

S.O.S - Save Our Strands



ThermafuseWe're in the home stretch of summer, all the way to the tips of our strands! THERMAFUSE has created a special kit for those of us who insist on torturing their hair this time of year. Their Summer Essentials trio is all the necessary strand savers: the spray-on ThermaCare Leave-In Conditioner ($18.50/8oz), Esculpt Medium-firm Gel ($16.50/6.8oz) and the frizz-eliminating spray, Shine Polishing Spray ($14/2oz).
And if the damage is already done, check into their Summer After-Care Treatment trio. You can thank us later. All @ thermafuse.com.


Jeannie Ingram

The Summer essentials trio offered by Thermafuse is a must have for everyone with sun on their cheeks and heat in their hair. We all know the perils we inevitably create for our hair during the summer from salt water, chlorine, UV rays, and the heat tools we use in our daily regamen. The damage is no longer permanent. With the help of Thermafuse and the heat smart complex, the summer sun is no longer the enemy.

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